We observed that the needs of  vapers Community have increased and the market requires innovative products in the field of e-cigarette.
Starting with the need above Ioannis Artopoulos create the company ELCIGART.
After many researches and tests for making an electronic power supply (step-up) which could be used in most mechanical mods with threaded 510, converting them into a modern high-end electronic device.

Hydra was created to accommodate directly Zorba so that we have the greatest performance mechanical mod with
Electronic variable wattage device.The novelty of Hydra is the unique switch with the technology Arto and the removable Air flow control.

All products are manufactured in our factory.

The construction of printed circuit boards, the loading of materials and the engraving made from our latest technology machines.

The laser engravings.

To make this a reality, we had to use hi-tech materials and expertise  electronic and mechanical engineering stuff.
With all our respect for all vapers,will continue constructions with all the best, based on yours individual requirements and needs.

ELCIGART makes products from vapers to vapers.