Specifications and technical informations of NEW Zorbas

Zorbas in 6 watts.

6 watts

Zorbas in 10 watts

10 watts

zorbas in 15watts

15 watts

Zorbas in 20 watts

20 watts

Zorbas in 22 watts

22 watts

The NEW zorbas specs:

1. - All functions are controlled from the existing switch of Mod and indications are read by a bi color LED.

2. - * Display and setting at 1Watt,from 6 to 22 Watt.

3. - Constant force throughout the discharge of the battery, regardless of the change in the ohmic resistance due to temperature.

4. - Display absence atomizer.

5. - ** Works with resistances 0,8-4 Ohm.

6. - Stops the operation and alert when battery discharge in a safe limit of 3.2V.

7. - The device have electronical protection for reverse battery

8. - Protection from shorted atomizer and protection from atomizer which shorts in during use.

9. - Stop after continuous operation of 15" from 6-12 watt and instant recovery., Stop after continuous operation 10"  from 13-22 watt and instant recovery.

10. -The power supply connects directly the battery in the atomizer when the power from the battery is higher than the adjusted.

11. - Protection circuit against high temperature, shutdown.

12. - Keeps in memory, all settings and parameters without battery.

13. - Fits in all existing mechanical Mod with threaded 510.

14. - Fits directly in LERNAIA HYDRA.

15. - 2 years written warranty, replacement with new equipment, as long as there are no signs of tampering or intervention.

16. - Upgradeable ability of  a new program,in the same model within the warranty period for free, (shiping costs for the customer).

The power supply continuously monitors the Current  and the Voltage of the output and calculates the output power (Watts).
 If the output power is higher than the set power it operates as a bypass wire shutting down the boost circuit
and connecting the resistor to the battery with zero loses.